Placing/Dropping bags in bicycle basket or cars

I don’t know if its just me or the game but it seems that I cannot load or drop bags, specifically MOLE ( bc I used it), in the bicycle basket and anywhere inside a car.

I used a car and I thought that if I drop a bag inside a car or anywhere inside even the trunk will make things easy, it seems that it cant carry it. It just drop in the ground.

I’m playing the stable build 0.F-1 64bits Tile Windows

Are you using the advanced inventory to move it? There was a bug where it couldn’t be used to move anything directly to the ground. Or it could be another issue with the half-implemented container nesting in the stable build.

I used all method to drop: Multi drop, directional drop, even manual drop from inventory.
And it might be another issue. Seems that dropping items inside a car is working, just the bags doesn’t.