everyone knows what a drone is so i will skip this part.

types:there will be 3 types of drones:toy drones,pizza delivery drones,and military drones.

the civilian grade can only carry cameras(so you can see what is on the city without risking yourself)
the pizza delivery drones can carry 2kg and 5 volume payload(most custom bombs)
the military drones can carry any explosive(someone said mininuking a city from far-faar away?)

to control the drones you would have 3 types of drone controls
civilian grade control:5 overmap tiles
pizza delivery drone grade GPS(installed on vehicles):15 overmap tiles
military grade drone GPS(also installed on vehicles):50 overmap tiles

tl;dr :flying rc cars that can transport cameras and bombs

The Drone Operator should probably start with a drone, too. The description for Drone Operator is something like “now the drones carry guns instead of pizza” and something else.