I would like if there were drones added into the game. There could be multiple sizes of drones with varying amounts of battery capacity therefore changing their flight time. Having a drone with like 400 batteries could get about 30 minutes of flight time and flying them could give a moral boost.

You could have some drones with cameras and others without and they could be controlled using the rc controller. The drones would generate a fair amount of noise and draw zombies to them and have turrets shoot them down on sight. Have zombie dog really like to chase them so if you are bringing the drone back to yourself you may have to worry about bringing a horde with it. You could use it to explore the map and have them open up the range of the overmap like binoculars do and give the drone like a 15 or so overmap tile range. I the drone were to run out of batteries while flying it would crash damaging it severely. Landing, taking off, flying near buildings/trees would carry a chance of crashing based off of ones driving skill making driving a skill you actually care about getting higher than like 4 or 5. You could make it so the drone wont fly durring a thunderstorm and will have a much lower flight time durring the rain/drizzle.

I would have a drone move more like the player does instead of moving like a vehicle. If it lands by zombies have them attack and destroy it. Lock drone crafting components behind a high electronics and mechanics but have repair/assembly be a fairly easy thing to do because swapping a propeller/camera/gimble/landing gear is typically really easy if you have the parts and a screwdriver in real life. Have foldable varients of the bigger drones allowing them to be carried in a more compact way (we already have drones with 25 minute flight that can fold down and basically fit in your pocket)

I just feel like some sort of long range daytime scouting tool would be nice and i have a drone so i know they are fun to fly and think they would add some new toys to play with in game that are not dedicated to killing the undead… also a nice way to lure those zombies away from that gun store i am trying to loot

Edit: i know this is a disorganized mess of rambling ideas about a drone but i am to lazy to try and make it a better for organized list while on my phone

Some form of safer scouting would be nice. It wouldn’t muck with game balance so long as you couldn’t do ridiculous shit like mount turrets on them, and I fully agree that we need more tools and items that help you out without directly impacting your zombiekilling potential.