RC cars

After fixing my brothers RC car, i realised that it would be pretty awesome if the game had them. You could use them for a mobile distraction to lure Zs away or you could attach some kind of explosive to them and well you get what happens after that. So what does everyone think?

I can imagine RC cars being a pain to code, but it could be interesting. Maybe the option to add a camcorder or something to the top of it to scout out areas.
Also I want to be able to wear RC boats on my shoes and travel on water with them.

You could probably make it out of the existing vehicle system. Except you start off with a special RC car rig, which only accepts special parts which all stack on the same tile. That way you can have it handle like a normal vehicle and have it run on electricity or petrol, depending on the engine used, and also maybe add specialist bits to it such as a camera that lets you follow it around, range boosters that let you control it further away, and other bits you might want.

If you made it simply be very light it would already have most of the limits of RC cars, it wouldn’t be able to run things over or go over obstacles.

I was looking at the github tracker and I noticed something called a folded bicycle? Which I guess means you can make vehicles you can pack into items? In which case that would be ideal for an RC car too.

Folding bicycles are coo.

Well, I proposed this - http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=2037.0
The “Remote-Controlled” feature would be to, for instance, open windows and grease the air with some tunes from afar, standing 250 feet away from the vehicle. When the Zs rush from your trail to have fun, you fire up the turrets, and listen the shells do the cling-clang to the tune coming from your car’s speakers. Then, press the S (as for “south”) key and the car pulls up a few steps from you, leaving a bloody trail behind.
And leave the wasp stinger hanging from the last zombie’s head - just to be cool. Not shure.

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This… might actually end up being a side effect of the combat rewrite, oddly enough.