Driving Skill

So I notice it’s there, and any time you’re driving it seems to dictate how often you “Fumble with controls” but other than that it doesn’t seem to serve much purpose, not to mention I’m not quite sure how to get the driving skill higher faster (Without reading books)

I find it a little absurd that I’m able to keep a six and a half ton steel brick under control, off road, at two hundred miles an hour with level 0 driving skill. (Not to mention in a downpour)

But then again I’m not a driver so who knows?

Definitely agreed. We do have some plans for it, but right now they are on hold as we focus on getting the release up and running in time for it’s planned date.

I’m planning to do some work on driving stuff tonight. I’m hoping to change how fumbling works (at 10mph? really?) and tie driving skill into a few more things.
No promises of course, but I’ll see what I can do.

currently driving is broken enough to promote 10mph donuts in parkinglots while drunk, high, and stoned