Um, In-Game Driving Instructions?

A few weeks ago I FINALLY found a functioning car and a rubber hose to siphon gas for it. When I was finally ready to drive, I started it up, and very quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing, and couldn’t find anything in the in-game help about driving. A few moments later I was diving out of my truck before it smashed into some parked cars :frowning:

I eventually found the instructions on the wiki, but shouldn’t it be listed in the in-game help?

Good point.

Bumping. Has this made it into any of the experimental builds?

I’ll see about getting these in later tonight, but since I’ve not looked at that code, no promises. Mutagen work is on hold pending the PR.

My mistake, I though there were ingame instructions for driving under the ‘?’ menu, but they seem to have either been taken out (or never existed?!?!). Definitely could do with an include, especially as it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense first time.

While on your until version 1.2 or something, beware of bushes.