Pc version download

Can i know where to download pc version of the game? I see on the wiki its 4 years ago version


^ Current experimental


^ Game launcher

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You download the PC version from here.
Choose the tiles version for your operating system.

If i download the experimental should i download the game launcher too?

Need download it both? And…how to install it?

If you download the game launcher, you should get an option to download the game itself. You should be able to get it going with any basic knowledge on getting things off the internet. I’ll go into depth tomorrow if needed.

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Well then,thank you Very much!

Idle curiosity. This site is not ours or am I mistaken?

It’s one of the developer’s personal server, which compiles the experimental builds most people play. We no longer use that site, and instead host those builds on github because the downloads on that site were exceeding the amount (4TB) that that developer was paying for.

Mmkk. Didn’t remember since it was the norm to use that one.