Hi folks, I wonder if they will implement a donation system, as Dwarf Fortress, to help develop the game.
My friends and I would be happy to help in this way.


Excuse my english

I agree the forums need adverts and a donate button.

Throw money into the mix and it’s bound to cause problems. It’s simple to donate to Toady or Whales as they are one man teams working on a project that is solely theirs. On the other hand, CDDA is a continuation of an open source project with multiple volunteer contributors. How do you divide the proceeds up between them? Is it even legal for them to accept cash when the code is still largely Whales’?

Something to think about. I don’t know what the answers are.

Legal, yes. If we did decide to accept donations, any money that was earned would go straight back into maintaining the game - paying server costs (if we ever expand beyond the needs of my personal server), registering a domain name that doesn’t have my username in it, putting out advertising on other sites to attract more data, contracting out work to actually design those ads, that sort of thing.

The issue is whether the cost and time commitment of handling donations would be worth the effort. Our current player-base isn’t exactly huge, after all, and there’s a bit of work and red tape wrapped up in handling money for a project like this. Doable, but a real time commitment getting it in and sending it back out and, if it ended up coming down to that, distributing it among contributors.

Get a PO box, that’s how I get cash for my animation comic donations. And all this coca cola from some viewer…

Don’t ask about my web comics, they don’t make much money and I can’t draw people or cataclysm.

If you want to reward me for my contributions, an option is to flattr my gitgub repo at

I won’t make any promises about what I’ll use it for, but currently I flattr various FOSS projects with that account, so by default it’ll recirculate through the FOSS community.

Consider this a plug for Flatter also, it’s a cool system.

If any of the Devs use BitCoins, I’d gladly let them have the pittance I bothered mining. (about 2$ worth last I checked)

Although it might be a hassle I think putting a donation button up would be worth while. I used to have a donation button for my music (which I took down after a few messy band member disputes) and it brought in enough to cover a few beers and to keep the site running annoying-advert free (and I have a tiny, tiny fan base).

Although it’s not exactly going to let you DDA your way out of a real job there really is nothing nicer than feeling a bit down about/tired with your project and a stranger just giving you a tenner as appreciation. More than this though, people like to contribute to things they feel worth while, so (as odd as it sounds) I think it helps the community a bit as well. In terms of sharing it around, I think putting it towards a new domain/server hosting and so on helps everyone, although splitting it up isn’t the end of the world with something like paypal.


Also here’s my bitcoin address if you want to donate to me personally: 1LFeCofMPEkbVkB4T61KwWbXYZfySZC4TG
And here’s one for CleverRaven, that I promise to use for paying for webhosting, code bounties, etc, not hookers and blow: 1AgxmHSQS4MQnjvf5weWk56rHr8jwhn3hg

I don’t know about distribution/allocation of donations, but you know what would be cool? A bounty system for the fans. Want to see Shoggoths implemented in the game as enemies with X number of powers? Offer to donate to a developer or developer pool. If you put up a high enough bounty and your idea isn’t stupid maybe it will actually be implemented. This is probably a terrible idea and would be totally impossible to regulate/enforce, but I guess what I’m trying to say is I will donate $10 if some kool kat dev would IMPLEMENT A DROP ALL ITEMS OF A CERTAIN CATEGORY FEATURE >_>

Actually there’s a system for this I have bookmarked, but I didn’t want to compete with the kickstarter, so I’m holding off on setting it up.

I feel the bounty system should be more obvious on the site.