Does tainted tornado work again?

I know that a while back the mutagenic properties of ‘tainted tornado’ were temporarily removed, does it work now? I don’t wanna risk chugging some just to find out it doesn’t work still.

I’m gonna bump this up till I get an answer. It’s important to me!

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They do appear to work as of 7438, but with Tainted Tornadoes and Mutagens, and probably with Serums as well, there is still a possibility that you can consume one and not get a new mutation; that’s normal. Tainted Tornadoes also give you a very heavy depressant debuff, at about Depressants [60] per drink. If you drink 2-3 of them simultaneously your character will pass out. Even if you’re somewhere that no zed can happen upon your unconscious form and nom on you at a leisurely pace, this can and will lead to death because you also gain hunger and thirst at a very fast pace in this state.

If you’re going to mutate it is highly recommended to take Robust Genetics if you haven’t already. Mutagens have a chance (I believe it’s roughly 33%) to give you a negative mutation and nothing else and, the way I understand it, Robust Genetics changes that to an equal chance to give a positive mutation and nothing else.

Yeah the whole being knocked out until you starve or die of dehydration (is there a specific name for that?) is the main reason why I avoid the atomic coffee as last and only time I used it essentially my character would apparently be so exhausted that they would for lack of a better term sleep to death.

Comatose would probably be the closest term.

–Thanks for the info!
–While all my characters have a theme, it’s standard for them all to be cannibals with robust genetics. A robust cannibal, I guess.
:no_mouth: <–This guy is a mutant. You can tell because he has no mouth and is yellow. I prefer plant mutants. Cyber plants are even better! My favorite type of survivor is a psychotic, man-eating, cyber-plant monstrosity with a wood axe!
–When I was just beginning in the cataclysm, I was trying to figure out how to use a tainted tornado. “Why doesn’t this work? Maybe another will fix it?” You can guess how that guy died. :sob: