Does damaged gear give a penalty?

Do damaged clothing and weapons give a penalty to it’s stats? Should I always use fully repaired gear over damaged gear?

Or is the only reason to repair stuff to make it less likely it will get destroyed?

Damaged clothing is less warm, and less protective.
Damaged weapons are less accurate and do less damage IIRC. Damaged guns are more likely to jam.
Damaged vehicle parts perform worse: tanks and batteries leak, solar panels produce less epower, engines consume more fuel to produce less power while making more noise, etc.
For just about every item, damage reduces functionality and you’re usually better off using a weaker, fully repaired item than a better heavily damaged item.

Aah okay, thanks a lot!

Guess I won’t use that almost destroyed M60 I just found then lol

It will jam, misfire, and have no accuracy. I don’t think it will cook off ammunition in the chamber but I’ve never fired a heavily damaged M60 to test.

Ammunition cook off is not a possible weapon malfunction.