Item degradation on reload / weird things happening to item damage

current build 5841 ; however, this character has lived for probably at least a month in real-life time now. So he was created in an earlier build.

Hello everyone!

Something weird is happening in my game. When items that are damaged by at least one point such as “|/”, and I save and exit the game, then reload it some other time, these items will degrade by one additional point - in this case becoming “|”. Once I have repaired items like that twice, they will not become fully repaired ("||"), but rather reinforced (the status with the plus “++” or however it is displayed). I also noticed twice now that a piece of equipment that was illegally repaired in that fashion, did not deteriorate after a message displayed that it should have been (Your +Long Sleeved Shirt+ was cut.), but rather stayed at the reinforced ("++") level.
Anyone know about this? Is there a way to fix that odd behavior?

Yeah, I’ve noticed this as well. I think I saw it back in 5814 the first time. I doubt there’s anything a user can do. Best to just keep your gear intact.

Would be great if someone managed to isolate it and get a simple algorithm to reproduce it. For example, if all damaged and repaired once items went through this.

I suspect there is some weird rounding issue, but without a way to reproduce it, it is hard to tell.

Try this:
Kill a zombie. Make sure it drops at least clothing. View the dropped items. Don’t pick up anything.
Save the game and exit to main menu.
Load the game.
All the items should now be degraded, with the exception of items that were in “. .” condition. Those items should now be in “\ .” condition.