Does anyone use the .22 LR caliber in the game?

Hello people

I tried in the game to hunt small animals with a rifle caliber .22 LR.
Unfortunately I had zero success because the range of the rifle is only 13.
All the animals run away immediately before I even get close to range…

Does anyone else here use this caliber for anything?

I have a friend who is a hunter. He says that the range of the .22LR rifles is already very far. The energy of the shot just decreases …

Can someone not simply increase the range of the rifles?

Ranges are compressed due to the reality bubble limiting the maximum range - Otherwise a pistol caliber carbine and an anti-material rifle would both be shooting out to max possible range. The compression keeps the range differences between the weapons, just adjusted relative to the reality bubble.

There is absolutely desire to see this changed, but right now, nobody has taken on the work to find a technically viable solution. Idea’s have been proposed, but none of them are easy.

Early game, its perfectly viable if you happen to have enough from drops/loot. A 10/22 can do 16 damage base, and keep you at a comfortable range from some of the more dangerous zeds when you still lack decent melee skills or armor. Its also a good way to train early levels of firearm skills, with ammo and weapons being sufficiently abundant that its not wasting any rarer resources.

Later on, it can be useful outta an American-180, or scrapped for powder to use in reloading other calibers.

I use the 22 in the early game to hunt small game. In the mid game it is still useful to pop boomers and to practice marksmanship in general. Late game I don’t really use it at all other than as a source of lead and powder.

“There is absolutely desire to see this changed, but right now, nobody has taken on the work to find a technically viable solution. Idea’s have been proposed, but none of them are easy.”

What about keeping something close to the existing max ranges as a value, but drastically increasing their dispersion to the point of near-uselessness past the max range?

To clarify - The thing that has desire to be changed is “You can’t shoot past the reality bubble”, as opposed to finding some better abstraction of compressed ranges. Manipulating dispersion to allow ‘any’ range doesn’t actually solve the problem of it still hard stopping at an arbitrary ‘Nothing exists past here, weary traveller’ line. The hard technical problem that nobody has really taken on solving yet is fixing that hard line. Compressed ranges work ‘well enough’ in the current limitation space to keep various weapons useful, and is easily communicated to players via “You can’t shoot past this range”.

There have been idle discussions about how to work past the limits of the reality bubble for shooting, but nobodies put down the time to actually implement one and fix all the inevitable weird errors that’d come from it. The final desired state is to allow you to take your .50bmg anti-material rifle and fire it at a target a kilometer out, assuming you can see them at that distance.

Its worth keeping in mind that there is intent to allow mortars and other such indirect heavier weapon systems that a survivor could operate. Fixing the reality bubble allows that, alternatives to the range limitations do not - I don’t think high dispersion mortars is going to be a very good idea when you’re barely firing them up the street :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, sorry for misunderstanding - and, thank you for clarifying!

Im trying to give this a go via GitHub.
I tested the range, esp. in relation to the compound bow. Works fine for me in the game.

I have given .22LR rifles a range bonus.
They now have a range of 24.


Balance “Buffed Range of 2 .22LR rifles”

Purpose of change

The two .22LR rifles were hardly usable for anything in my eyes.
Here is a table with the values of 3 weapons. Once with effective range in real life and once with the range in fields in the game.

Varmint rifle_____175m____13

Describe the solution

I have given both .22LR rifles a range bonus.
In my opinion, the rifles should have a better place in the game.

Varmint rifle_____175m____“24”

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What ideas? Anyway I think none of the ideas about increasing range would matter without first implementing 3D landscape akin to Dwarf Fortress, instead of the completely flat ground (craters excluded) we have in CDDA.

I rarely use .22LR guns, their ammo is far less abundant than 5.56 and weaker at that. As a hunting gun they’re actually pretty viable due to not gibbing victims - just dont hunt in the open, go to the forest and you’ll easily get in range if you use cover. I wouldnt rely on it due to the ammo issues, but as a side gig, why not.

any gun is a good gun, as long as it keeps some distance between you and zombies

Its not for self defense it is a real toy gun!

ITs good to good with, Get a ride yo 22 and just sip around training rounds taking break reading books and listing to music.

Works for hunting Turkeys too.