Does anyone thinking that the friendly NPC's fire range a way too short?

I don’t know is just me or anybody else, thinking that the friendly npc seems have a little range to firing weapons, like 9 or 10 tiles? by the time they can firing those weapons, the enemy such like zombie is already reach on the danger close distance, whichs make the friendly NPC automatically switch on a full-auto firing mode, and they’re shooting all over the places, last time I arm my NPC with RM55 rifle and 100 clips, and he waste half of the bullets by shooting the 5 zombie approaching him, I mean, the PC can shooting more than that 10 tiles, right?

Somehow, the hostility NPC dosn’t seems have such problem, they shooting normally at someone else.

Are you commanding them to only attack enemies that get too close?

Nope, I commanding them on a fire at will mode, they attacking enemies whatever they please.

What firearms are they using

I think a bit more fine tuning of NPC behaviors wouldn’t be that bad. For example, I don’t like having to be adjacent to them to order them to fall back.

You can use the 'C’hat command to issue orders to NPCs in line of sight, up to 24 tiles away.

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Still learning about hotkeys. Seems like there’s always something to learn in this game.