A few questions about shootouts

Hello. I have a few questions about shootouts with NPCs:

  1. Is it possible to create a situation in which a given shootout with a NPC lasts longer than 2-4 turns? I mean more “tactical” shootout or a gunfight with many missing shots.

All of my previous experiences with NPCs were very fast. Almost instant deaths after full auto to my face or from 10-15 tiles away. I wasn’t able to run away from them. They were soooo fast and accurate.

  1. Is it true that various furniture in front of us can 'block" bullets?

  2. What is a maximal distance from which NPCs can shoot?

  3. Did you experience a long range shootout like one from Operation Flashpoint CWC or Arma?

This kind of shootouts would be great in Cata because they are very intense despite the fact that they look quite boring at the first sight

  1. Well I never haved a fight with a npc with a gun (And shooted before i slashed him with a talon… :D) but apparently the mobs in the game are just like that extremely accurate and fast (except from enemies with crossbows). So I think its pretty hard for a gunfight to last longer unless everyone carry slow semi-auto weapons in my experience but i get your point and accept that it might be pretty cool.

  2. If you use logic you can find out whether obvious or not its true that not all will protect you for example I think you can use a bookshelf or a sofa but hide under a table and it won’t do you good (sadly i think you can’t kick like in Enter The Pungeon.)

  3. Not sure but possibly nearby foes for friends and Gunfire in long range or when
    Enemy Spotted for Enemies.

  4. No altough it may be Fantastic it wouldn’t possibly last long because ironically i prefer engaging in melee but if i find a artifact or item that gives me invis i can win. And now it may be highly possible that those do happen my guess is that there are very specific conditions for it to happen but i believe that its possible. :3

  1. Probably not. Cataclysm is heavily based on realism and I don’t think “tactical” fights like we see in movies occur often, if at all, in real life.
    As I understand it, most combat doctrine revolves around staying in cover and having someone else shoot the guy shooting at you. That doesn’t work in a 1v1 situation, so it’s basically just who can draw and aim the fastest, since I don’t think NPCs will fire unless they have a good chance of hitting you.
    Turrets are pretty similar. If you get close enough to get shot you’re dead or have enough armor to be immune.

  2. Not too sure about this one. I don’t think the game really takes furniture into account with projectiles, but I could be wrong.

  3. Probably the maximum range of the weapon they’re using, which could be anywhere from 10 to 60 tiles.

  4. Nope. Walked into a bandit hideout and got point-blanked with a shotgun. Another time I walked into a room of the refugee centre and got point-blanked with a rifle.

I got lucky one time and was inside a building. So I ducked around the corner of the window where the NPC was. Using my gross bug antennas I figured out where he was in the house and and followed him until we got to a door, then I waited on the other side and gave him both barrels. So not exactly a firefight but probably the only NPC encounter that lasted more than two rounds where firearms were involved.

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And thats why I love Cataclysm… There are so many ways to deal with a given situation that other games are not even close to this. Trigon’s story reminds me of Rainbow Six Reaven Shield in which player can use a hearbeat sensor. You was ultra quiet for sure if he did not hear you so for me it was not a luck

Yeah honestly the best part of CDDA is finding clever solutions to bad messes you find yourself in. Or preparing ahead and having your plan go off without a hitch. Both equally satisfying yet so far apart on the line. It’s intere to consider.

On topic though. Gunfights with NPCs are tense but I feel it’s justified. They are perhaps too accurate given their usual skill levels. Either that or I’m only remembering times I was gunned down and not all the times an NPC missed me and I shot them in the face for interrupting my hardtack baking podcast.

From what I’ve seen, NPCs seem to either be almost perfectly accurate or nightmarishly inaccurate. Also tasty, that too.

What about NPC vs NPC fights? Are they possible? I have never seen such a fight due to the fact that my NPC spawn rate is very low. It would be nice to take part in NPCs shootout

I’ve never seen NPCs fight so I can’t say for sure.

Typical NPC fights go like this:

-NPC spawns in and either runs after you to talk, says hi or hates you and runs or tries to kill you.

-NPC spawns in. Finds a mob and tries to kill it wash rinse repeat until it gets surrounded and eaten.

-Spawns with a building. They don’t move when enemies are around and sit and get eaten.