Does anyone know how to get rid of Groovario

It just recently been showing up whenever opening google on a new tab, i consistently go to relativly trusted websites and im not sure where it came from but it appeared.

i Tried an online method but that one did not get rid of it, and i think i may be planning on going deadmans switch and just reformatting to linux… and if theres anything special about cataclysm in linux feel free to let me know.

If you’re on google chrome:

Go into settings

Find the “search” subtitle

And set search engine to google.

I already did that, when i open google it opens a side tab


Right click on tab and see if it’s pinned?

Its not pinned and it opens when i start a new page of google.

So it’s set as your homepage?

Groovorio is not set as homepage, i think that may be due to google being territorial, but it does open up on the next tab over every time i open up a new google

I know under chrome’s settings there’s an item on the list like “On Start-up”, I think the bottom option of the three there manages pages that open. I have mine set to open a blank new tab, but when I checked what was in “open a specific page or set of pages” there was a bunch of’s and some other site i didn’t recognize. Kind of assuming that’s something you’ve already tried, but rather than attempt clairvoyance I figure asking and instruction is just easier.

Well, removing it from startup stopped it from starting up with google.

Am I understanding correctly that the issue is resolved?

I apologize, I am very, very tired. XD

Yes, the issue is resolved, thankyou, now how do i close this?

Theres a lock thread button just above the jump to bar at the bottom of the forums.