Title screen gone/Please upload a picture of it!

The title screen (when you first open the game) is invisible. It still technically works, but I’d like it if someone would upload a picture of the title screen so I can better navigate it. It’s hard to try and experiment as to where the different buttons are. After I manage to select a particular gui (or whatever it’s called), such as the settings screen it works on that part in particular. I expect it might get fixed eventually, but while I wait I’d like some help with that.

Try another method unless you already have a pre-made character to drop into the file folder. Trying to get through it blind is not impossible but sketchy at best.

A lot of the options at the main menu have hotkeys. Load, for example, is “a”, so at the main menu all you need to do is press “a”, then enter a few times so long as you only have one character in one world. Otherwise you’ll need to remember the order everything was in.

New Game is “n”, and once you press it “c” is for custom character, “p” for preset or template, “r” for random, “f” for Play Now with a fixed scenario, and “n” for Completely Random Play Now.

At the main menu “w” lets you manage the worlds, and once again, if you only have one you only need to press the up arrow one time then Enter to select the world. Once a world is selected, “r” resets it and “d” deletes it. These decisions will, of course, need to be confirmed with y/n that may be case sensitive.

At the main menu “t” takes you to settings but navigating that blind is an awful idea.

Lastly, “q” will let you quit. Pressing “Esc.” then confirming with a possibly case sensitive y/n will also do this.

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–Oh, I can navigate the settings easily once I’m there, that part shows up. Literally the only stuff that isn’t showing up is the picture that Fris posted. All the very initial options don’t show up, but as soon as a new part of the GUI (or whatever you call it) shows up, such as the settings, I can see that part.
–For some strange reason, I discovered that If I go into a world, then save and quit to the main menu, it suddenly shows up again. I’m not sure why, but it does help at least a little bit.
–Thanks for telling me about the hotkeys, BTW, that’s really good to know! And now I can change the music from chestOldTimey to something I like a bit more.

BTW, does the order of worlds, characters and such ever change? Like if you use one character it will move up/down in the line or something? That’s rather important to know.

In my experience, no. The newest character created in any one world will always be added at the top of the list and once a world is selected the character selection cursor always starts at the bottom of the character list. Loading characters does not appear to affect their position on the list.

Conversely, newly created worlds are always added to the bottom of the list in both world management and chargen and adding characters to a world or loading a character in a world does not affect its position on the world list.

My experience may not be decisive, however.

screen is pitch back unless you move your cursor equivalent over a part at which point it shows up?
sounds like the game unloads I have the same issue whenever I tab away from some older dos programs it will show up whenever you refresh something (such as movement having to update all the terrain) but usually it’s easiest to do something that covers the whole screen (such as going to the map) and returning to force it to refresh everything