Do you think RP threads deserve their own sub-forum?

I like reading them, even if i don’t participate actively, but it would be not only easier, but better to group them in their own child board in the Library section. As it is now, i find them in at least three different sections of the forum. Just saying.

Yeah I guess we could use a general board dedicated to role-playing and other general games.

I think having their own subsection would be nice, or at least keep non-cataclysm related RPs out of the Library and in General Discussion.

I think it would help. Though the numbers of roleplays currently going on are somewhat inflated, the number of relevant ooc threads and such that get lost are impressive. Putting them in one spot would make keeping them inline and organized easier


RP threads should get their own “Forums Games” or something, separate with the creative stuff (lore, fanfic).

And there could be an option to turn their notifications off? I mean, i like RPs, but sometimes is annoying to dive between the RP threads to find something.

Yeah, the rp’s should definitely be moved to their own subforum. They’re clogging up the library a bit.

That’s funny. It looks like they have one. Maybe people should post there?