A terrible trilogy!

I was just sitting here thinking about troll days passed and I thought of twilight. So lets add some kind of knock-off horrible book!

The Lusty Vampire Maid book 1-4

Basically it will just be a book that eats up time with a small morale boost, plus great for paper! Also for that extra lol factor.

There’s already a plan to put in a random generator for titles of books. So instead of “fantasy novel” or “romance novel”, you get random stuff like that. Your nonsense trolling aside, it could be kind of interesting to have a system where if your character reads an entire trilogy, they get a further morale boost, and rereading books has a lower effect. That could motivate people to actually seek out and collect stuff, and it adds an extra thing to pursue after you’re established.

Yeah, random book names would be awesome. Obviously lets not give random names to skill books. I’d like to see ‘The jackals of carnel volcano’ or something else that DF would probably vomit out for a name.

What about drawing the bowling alley, strip joint, “kissing” theater, casino and that MF Arena with Debug along with all those items you wish for, and wrapping it up so it’s your very own “New Reno” kinda mod.
Maybe Misty’ll give you a bath. :wink: