Do explosions send you flying backwards?

If not, they probably should.

If we used Doom logic. If we went with real-world logic, explosions would gib you, not send you flying. :V

Explosions should give you at least internal bleeding* if we wanna go that route.

One of the blast effects could be knockdown imo, but not send you flying.
Is knockdown already in? Can’t remeber.

[quote=“jcd, post:4, topic:10915”]One of the blast effects could be knockdown imo, but not send you flying.
Is knockdown already in? Can’t remeber.[/quote]

You can be knocked down, yes. But not to explosion iirc.

Given how inhumanly strong characters can get in CDDA, should flying backwards be a thing? Sure, normal people will turn into dead fleshbags filled with pink slush when they get hit with a shockwave strong enough to send a human body flying… but some kind of cyborg-bear-man might survive it.

Hurt Locker is the only movie I can think off the top my head that shows how an explosion really works. You go POP/SPLAT!

Pressure differences change so fast you end up like a bug on a wind shield. Flesh is surprisingly weak and cannot stand up to the stress force of such event actions.

In other words…hollywood sucks for thinking a big blast will simply send you flying. A blast CAN send you flying further IF you are already propelled such as in you were in a convertible car and flung out, if not very powerful but chances are you are the bug.

Here’s a link to an explanation of how explosions basically work.

Poor human body doesn’t like anything that moves "to fast"
shockwave rippling through the air? internally bleeding human pulp meat.
Fast traveling sniper bullet hit you? externally bleeding human pulp meat.
being made up of such a high concentration of water… which REFUSES to compress for any reason, means that both make a shockwave in the human body where all the water in our organs and body move really fast in one direction, then snap back and move really fast in the other direction. (see high speed videos of basically anything happening to a human) This shock-wave tears at every essential organ and even if it doesn’t kill right away… often leads to all kinds of clotting and FUn™

Especially when this effect comes from bullets it is called cavitation. I think i suggested this else where. But it should be a thing with fast moving bullets in this game. Serious stunning, stopping, shock value possibility from faster moving bullets.