Do Automated Storm Bolter turrets autoload themselves?

Hey guys, I was working on my death mobile and I decided to create a storm bolter which I mounted on my vehicle as an “automated storm bolter” and on top of a turret chassis. I can reload it manually. but I am unsure if there is some way I can drop steel crossbow bolts on a tile or rack near it that will cause it to automatically load. I installed a steel bolt rack, but it seems this is no longer implemented (so when I tried to refill it/load the rack it did not work.)

Is the automated storm bolter something you are supposed to manually reload after it fires three shots? Or is there someway to get it to autoload so that I can drive around without worrying about it, except to make 100+ steel bolts to reload it every now and then.

Thanks for the help!

Originally it was meantime to load from the bolt racks back when that and other features of the mod worked. I would recommend instead that you find the ascension mod which has a user updated version of the mod. You may have to go into the mod to remove dependency on the ascension mod but other than that. Note when using this version you will get a couple of errors but it is safe to ignore them.

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Someone needs to update blazemod weapons to be magazine fed from reasonable magazines, that are craftable and all.

And by someone I really mean me, when I get a chance.

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Presumably you mean a mainline update.

Yes. It’s a mainline mod, it should work.

Thank you mlangsdorf and DeWolf! I appreciate your advice!

Remember how fun C:DDA was a couple of years ago, when you could craft a couple of automated turrets, mount them around your deathmobile, and cruise through town watching zombies die at a distance? Do you miss that? Yeah, me too.

I went ahead and wrote the PR for magazines for blazemod weapons:

The nail firing weapons can now take the existing nail magazine, the pebble and BB and bolt guns got a gravity fed hopper, and most of the other guns got their clip size increased by x3 or x4.

I don’t know when or if it will be pulled into mainline, but it’s a json only change so you can apply it to your own game.

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@Mallowdust: latest experimentals now have a craftable, 60 rounds bolt hopper that acts as a magazine for the storm bolter. Craft and enjoy!

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I too fondly remember the days of autofiring deathmobiles. These new hoppers are awesome, except for the “cannister” one that really ought to be “canister”.

But, how the heck do I mount something on a turret chassis? I can get the manual ones to mount just fine on a turret mount, but the turret chassis just won’t give me any options to mount weapons.

1 install turret mount.
2 install turret chassis
3 install automated weapon

I’ve finally got CBMs for NPCs code complete, so I’ll get back to improving blazemod next week

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Ooooh, you need both. That should probably go in the description somewhere…

And if I could make a related wish, could you make the turret mounts craftable? Seems odd that the chassis are craftable, but not the mounts.

Or you could just go with a swappable storage battery case, but that’s cheating. =)

There’s some weirdness where you can have both blazemod turrets and certain vanilla turrets in the same location, and also some turrets can co-exist with solar panels, while others cannot.

Not to mention that some default vehicles have auto-firing turrets, without a turret chassis underneath. Maybe that could be handwaved with them being purposebuilt for that particular weapon.