Diverting river for farming irrigation?

I know the farming and zone pulls arent fully ready yet, but whilst I was playing around with them, I realised that the amount of water needed to get a good plot size going was quite high.
That’s probably realistic ( plants need watering - and it was summer! ) but it also meant constant trips to the local swamp to fill up a steel jerrycan that could only water two tiles before it needed a refill.

What if, by digging a pit or a similar construction task, adjacent to a river tile, that pit then also became a shallow water tile?

Obviously this should be a strenuous and long-term project to get a stream to divert to near your crops, but it’s certainly something people can do IRL.

In addition, perhaps a sprinkler item/vehicle part could go well with that.

Not sure how easy it’d be to code, but I for one look forward to Cataclysm:farming simulator with anticipation.

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If we can divert rivers, can I set up a mister system to give me and my dwarv… er… NPCs a morale boost…

I have never built one, but a well should help.

Cows needing to be pregnant to give milk. Requires a bull and time together. Other animal breeding would be great as well. I’d actually want to make a base for the farm simulation alone. Keepin ma famly fed an uh safe from dem monstas with old bessy! lol

yes - a well would achieve the same goal, but it has quite a steep barrier to construction in regards to skills and materials required.

This could sort of be related to a stationary power system - If you could build “irrigation” tiles near a water source to go a small distance, or a pump to have practically limitless range, you could have unwalkable tiles (tier 1) that kept nearby farmland wet, walkable tiles (needed rebars and boards or pipes and shovel, tier 2). Maybe to keep it from getting overpowered or an idle game you could have a 1/1000 chance per tile per day of pests that spread to adjacent plants… and the pests themselves could be captured for food or refining, or killed with pesticides. Different pests could affect different plants, so there’d be advantages to the crops themselves and if you wanted specific pests.

Edit: I realized we have pipes. Maybe an “irrigated dirt” should be a construction tile. Behaves like normal dirt otherwise, can be dug up and produce two pipes, keeps plants wet when active.

Though a little crazy, I heard that the human male after using the medicine can also produce milk.

Yup. Need that modded in. That should certainly help with my lack of milk. Now I can produce my own. XD

Nothing crazy about it. People would either want this for transgender reasons maybe? Perhaps a woman who can’t have kids and her man has little ones already? Reasons I can’t think of. Boredom? lol