Disarming Shotgun Trap Bug? / Sawn Off Shotgun Bug? ( Experimental 5683 )

I’ve went to a survivor house ( the one with boarded up windows ) and decided to disarm the 2 shotgun traps that were there.

I failed both times, and I almost died due to torso hits.

However, once I disarmed them, both of them dropped an item called undefined-shotgun_sawns

It has a negative 0 price, no weight or volume, is in the OTHER category and the description says “Missing item definition for shotgun_sawn”

I am the only one who encountered this?


Some additional info. I genned this world in Experimental 5633 and transferred it from that version to the one in the title. Also, the sawn off shotguns still have their graphics, so I think it must be something with the .json file.

I too have encountered this issue, though that was around 2 weeks ago.

It looks like the shotgun trap wasn’t updated with the deprecation of shotgun_spawn, or item migration couldn’t find.

This is the debug message I got once I loaded that save file again:

DEBUG : Missing item definition: shotgun_sawn

FUNCTION : const itype* Item_factory::find_template(const itype_id&) const
FILE : src/Item_factory.cpp
LINE : 892

Found it. src/trapfunc. Will fix if I can.