Shotgun Traps Disarm Loot & Extra Battery Welder Bug

Disarming a shotgun trap should return a shell or two if successful. Also, should have different kind of traps based on ammo/gun used. Maybe use the new flags to help this?
I used the double battery power on the welder and now it doesn’t seem to expend batteries when used to fix vehicles.

This is what I get for lack of sleep. The post is mixing a suggestion and a bug…

The welder bug has already a fix in the latest git version. As for the shotgun trap idea, personally I think it would be more realistic to have it return a loaded shotgun (unsure if it does this already, I’ve never touched those particular traps) then a shotgun + shells.

I reloaded an 0.5 welder when I found it, got 500 charges, then noticed it never used any charges when repairing or modding vehicles. I assume this is not a feature and is fixed in the github version? Otherwise I go back to my standby of metabolic interchange to work through the piles and piles of meat and bones.

B/c combined w/ the new 0.5 car and flatbed wrecks all over town, and the resulting leap in chance to find V6’s, frames, wide wheels, and metal tanks, 0.5’s just begging for rolling monstrosities everywhere, limited only by gas and the care and feeding of the toon while at work. And finding a welder of course.

Yes, as I stated in my previous post the welder bug should be fixed in the latest git versions.