Different type of weapon spawn in different session, possible?

recently im surfing around youtube looking for some video about weapon firing demonstration, and i came across one video of someone firing 2 weapon, Barrett M107 and the other one is Barrett M82.

and then i got this idea for C:DDA, is it possible to add some kind of variation spawning in the game? like one session the game spawn, for example, an AK47 inside a gun shop. but in the next session or two. instead of Ak47, it was a different type of AK47 that spawn, like AK103 or RPK machine gun.

Could you possibly reword your question? Are you saying you basically want spawns to change every time you open the game vs. when the location is actually generated?

New weapon variation needs some .json stuff… You could make a mod for your plan and its pretty easy :wink:

I haven’t the slightest idea what your trying to propose.

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sorry… what i mean is, is it possible to make a weapon variation (example : Barrett M82) replace a certain weapon (Barrett M107) in-game?

turns out it can be done with mods… so yeah… sorry for confusion.