Did someone upgrade forests recently?


I started a medieval churl challenge recently so I’ve been in the woods a lot. I feel as though there’s a massive increase in plant diversity, especially trees. I even found a shallow water tile sitting all alone nowhere near a swamp or pond overmap tile.

Overall I’m loving it so I’m hoping it’s a real thing and not just crazy luck on my forest generation.


Yep real thing :):grin:


I didn’t see it in the changelog. This is awesome.


I believe this is what did it:

It claims to just be infrastructure, but he spruced things up a bit too.


Hey, look at that. I don’t know enough about the game to start playing with it, but it’s cool that he opened things up.


So far it’s made “innawoods” a lot more fun. Now that there’s so much tree variety I can actually gather up resources. And finding little groves is a nice delight. Plus the water pools make it so you can access water without necessarily needing to always have a funnel.

So many literal game changers lately.