Did anyone else watch "Star Blazers" as a kid?

So I’ve had a chance to revisit this old series with the younger generation. I was a little worried that my nostalgia was going to let me down, but I’m honestly surprised at how well it has aged.

There should be a way to build your own Space Battleship Yamato in the Cataclysm.

  1. Find a way to produce wave-motion engine.

  2. Find something large, tough, and powerful to stick it to. The USS New Jersey, your deathmobile, something. Preferably something funny.

(I used to think that trying to turn an ancient shipwreck into a spaceship was one of the funniest ideas ever conceived. I eagerly await one of you chuckleheads trying to build a deathmobile out of WOOD and then nailing a WME to it.)

  1. Blast off to outer space to either recolonize a new planet or, as in the series, to acquire something to restore untainted life on Earth.

  2. Doing an actual intergalactic voyage would be well beyond the scope of the game. But I don’t see the construction and launch being beyond the realm of possibility. It could be given to you as a kind of very-late game NPC quest, or maybe discovered in certain special buildings (SETI research station?). You have to find supplies, recruit a crew, keep them safe and fed during the construction phase. Then off they go and, if successful, within a year(?) you should start seeing fewer and fewer signs of Blob, Mutant, Netherium, Mycus and Triffid presence on earth.

  3. I well and truly have no idea whether or not I’m joking about this proposal.


Heck yeah, Star Blazers! I don’t know about trying to cram it into Cataclysm, but that show was great. Even if the music was super hokey.
It had a pretty good dub into English, and unlike Robotech, our local TV station ran it in order. (I still don’t know who thought it was a good idea for Robotech to jump around into different seasons constantly)
Battleships should be in eventually, though, once we get regions working and set up an Atlantic ocean region.

The music was one of the big draws for me. TEHO, I suppose.

I remember Robotech, but not very well. I seem to recall only liking the fist season or so, think I was already starting to outgrow anime by the time I saw it.

My sister has some of the novels and says they’re good. I should ask if I can read them some time.

Never watched it, but the idea of having an end-game objective to work towards would be great.

Kinda like how Rimworld has you build a space ship to leave the planet and “win”. Not many do it, but having it as an option is always great.

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