Diagonal Vehicles Causing Undead Passengers

So I feel like it’s probably been mentioned before because it’s pretty obvious, but when I have my vehicle parked diagonally, I can enter the vehicle through any of the little corner sections
Cool, no problem, whatever, just a weird quirk of the system probably
But, as I just experienced, zombies can also apparently enter a diagonal vehicle through the corners even while it’s moving
I killed it immediately so it wasn’t an issue at all, but it made me very nervous about ever turning when I’m plowing my deathmobiles into crowds of baby zombies and such
So has this been recognized as an issue? Is it not possible to somehow stop movement in a certain direction when that movement is between two specific types of entity (namely, the quarterpanels of the back half of my humvee)
On Frank stable btw, and let me know if this has already been confronted so I can delet

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This is a known issue and there’s lots of work going on to fix it, it’s just pretty complex to do so it will take a while.


Okay I figured as much
I don’t know anything about coding so I don’t mean to make it seem like it’s easier than it actually is

So if you know, is it a problem with forbidding movement itself or more an issue with vehicles since they move around? Or something else entirely?

It’s more like the underlying system works. Since there are no “half cells” (at least currently), it can’t really prevent stuff from moving in diagonally.
The game would need to know, if something is already in the vehicle, what defines as vehicle and what part of that vehicle is closed. Then it would have to decide which part of the vehicle takes the damage when it’s attacked. It also should not alter the collision boundaries, otherwise you’d unexpectedly hit stuff where you think your car would fit just fine.

There’s a bug report about it on the game’s GitHub since early 2014, even with a 15 $ bounty on it for anyone who can fix it.

You find a zombie-proof(ish) vehicle design over in another topic, which also includes a link to the bug report mentioned:

Searching through the forum with keywords like “diagonal vehicle” will also yield more on this, including discussions about possible solutions.


this has been a problem for years and due to the way everything is “tiled” its unlikely to be fixed without some serious programming
so far the game has no idea what a diagonal “wall” is and that’s without it being in motion