Destination area has too many items. Remove some first

Dont remember anything like this from hen I last played. anyone knows if its temporary?

Unless I remember it wrong, this limitation was already in place when I’ve started playing (0.C).
There’s a maximum of 4096 items that can be on a tile, and a variable (depending on the furniture/terrain) volume limit.
If you [d]rop more than one of the limits onto a tile, it will overflow to a nearby tile (or get deleted if no space is available). If you use the advanced item manager, it will show the warning you stated instead.

While you can mod in a high volume storage furniture and you could insert items into a container before dropping (as the container only counts as 1 item, regardless of how many items are in it), there’s no built in way to bypass the item limit after that.
Well, you could download the source, increase the limit (var MAX_ITEM_IN_SQUARE in game_constants.h) and compile the game yourself, if you’d like to go that far.


Nice to know theres a way to deal with it, even thought putting everything on sacks is a pain. Thanks!

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