Defense mode tips?

I know it doesn’t get talked about a lot but I want to try defense mode. Anyone know a good build or good strategies to use?

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Trap guy in the bar used to be mega OP way back when, but blade traps are more expensive, and harder to build now.
I eventually had a row of blade traps backed by turrets, with walls built partly around them to prevent them shooting me or each other, because they would gladly do so at the time. I don’t know what my record for kill count was back then, I dropped so many the game crashed after several hours. This was before zombies would get back up, too.

dunno if def mode still functions

you might want to make line of barbed wire or nail planks

guns are kinda off range because of their cost

wait theres a defense mode

I last played it about six months back, it still works okay.

my 2015 plays in def mode mainly were about speedy boy dispatching otherwordly corruption and hulks with fists of steel

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