Debug: Stopped monster from hitting itself (even though debug messages are off)

Daily build 0.7.1-701-g5af4140 (curses build 222)

I have a character in a very unfortunate situation. There is a coyote outside my window, and it keeps trying to hit itself in an attempt to get in. The game is throwing: “Debug: Stopped monster from hitting itself. Press spacebar…” errors like mad. I have debug messages turned off (or so it says.)

What makes this extra unfortunate is that my character has the flu, and is reading a book. I cant get him to stop reading the book so that i can go outside and kill the coyote who is generating debug messages. Hes been doing it for… many hours of in-game time now, id estimate about 8. My character is just barely able to read the book so its going very slow. Hes now famished and dehydrated from being sick and throwing up. I’ve been holding down the space bar for 15+ minutes of realtime trying to get through these debug messages.

So i guess my questions are:

1: How do you stop reading a book?
2: How do you turn off the debug messages about monsters hitting themselves, when debug messages are supposedly already turned off?

Press 5 on the numpad, or just .

Tried 5, typical wait button. Did not have any impact. Possibly because of the debug loop requiring the pressing of space, then immediately passing time before the wait key could be pressed to cancel it, bringing up another debug message? Sortof an infinite loop of sorts perhaps.

I’ve reported this bug on github.

It’s not an infinite loop, but it does generate 50-60 instances of this “Press spacebar to continue” every time it happens during the reading loop. If you actually hit the spacebar a lot, the message goes away, but then the reading loop continues and a new batch of debug messages is queued almost instantly.

My temporary in-game workaround was to kill the creature (in my case, a wolf) and line all exterior windows with nailboard traps.