Debug messages OFF means Debug messages OFF!

This is a pretty annoying thing for me. When I switch Debug messages OFF, I still see some messages.

While that might be useful to somebody, I really don’t understand them and can’t really do anything with them anyway.
They also tend to pop up repetitively and drive me up the wall. I can’t really give many specific examples because they tend to vary.
Sometimes they’re telling me about the monster spawns, sometimes they’re telling me about NPC crap, etc.

Can we just have debug messages all turn off when the option is switched off?

Debug messages ON/OFF turns informative messages on/off. If you are seeing debug messages when you have it turned off, then that means actual bugs are happening in the game, and are something that should be reported. They are left on intentionally for that exact reason, so that people report them and the developers can do something to fix them.