Dead With HP Remaining




Not gonna lie, I’m pretty pissed off right now.

Actually this happened again, when I got my block knocked off by a Hulk. It seems to happen with the flimsy/glass jaw combination. I don’t know if it’s graphical or if I actually have HP remaining. I’m going to try again and see what happens with self-aware thrown in.

Edit: It is indeed graphical. Which is good because if it wasn’t I’d be pissed. Still a bug though. Very easy to duplicate; spawn in some heavy power armor without the helmet, and spawn in a Hulk. Wait for it to put you through a wall and observe the results. Other than the hole in the wall, of course.

I was about to ask if the HP for your torso was zero as zero HP for either will kill you.

Pretty sure this is just it not graphically updating your hp bars after you are dealt the final blow.

It’s an error with HP display. It doesn’t properly display 0 hp arms/legs either.