Date change and sudden food rotting

Just updated to latest, from a build from about a week ago. Date suddenly jumped from about 60 spring, to 40 summer, and a bunch of my food was suddenly rotten. Did someone change something about dates in the latest, and maybe introduce a bug?

if you didn’t save there’s still hope! stand by, i’ll get some build numbers for you


if you update to 10109 first and go around to your storage, then update to today your food won’t rot.

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The launcher only allows back to 10136. Any idea how to get older builds?

Alright, managed to figure out how to get it. Basically I found the link for the windows zip file for the most recent build (10164 at time of writing) and swapped out the numbers for build 10109, which got me the files.

Here’s the windows link:

here’s a link to the latest builds, where you can get the base link to start swapping numbers on:

copy over saves, etc. to the unzipped folder and it should be runnable.