Changing background color

Not sure if this post goes in this forum but here it goes anyway, i’m using Cygwin to play cataclysm since i hate the windows terminal so much, but then i saw someone posting a screenshot of cataclysm being played in ubuntu/lynux and i fell in love with how it looks

and now i need to know if there’s a way to config Cygwin to let me use that background color instead of the plain black it uses right now, anyone? plz?

Even better - make background color changeable in windows build.

Ohh, I am fond of the black myself, very accustomed to coloured text on black (my irc chat is configured that way). Still, that blue-grey looks lovely. As long as background colours available weren’t also used for character colours ingame, you could do a nice number of background variants.

To change the background color in cygwin:
1)Open the Cygwin terminal
2)Click on the Cygwin logo in the top left, go to "options"
3)Go to the “Looks” menu
4)Click on the “Background” button
5)Select your new color (That particular one is RGB of 46,52,54 with Hue/Sat/Lum values of 195,15,21).

Oooooh, danke.

Yeah the thing is that’s the first thing i tried, and it looks great, but as soon as you run cataclysm it goes all black, so it’s a game thing not a terminal thing, any workarounds?..

Hmmmm. You could try changing the actual black color that Cygwin uses (though this would change everything black in-game, not just the backgrounds).
1)Go into your cygwin/home/username folder
2)Open the .minttyrc file (if this isn’t there open up cygwin, change and save any setting, and then it should appear).
3)add this line

I think that should do it.

I can’t remember cataclysm using black for other thing than the black backgtound anyway it’s worth a try, should i add the line first or last?, thanks…

Well what do you know it works!!, however i find that Cygwin doesn’t quite do the exact colors as the screenshot above so i began to tweak the colors a bit and came with a good number, here they go in case you want to try it 20,20,20 they look great in comparison to the plain black, here’s a screenshot to demonstrate :slight_smile:

Brown on cygwin is yellow, which is a bit odd.