(Cyborg "Mutation" tree) When will the Exodii, CBM's and extra-dimensional raiding be added?

I was really excited to hear about the new rework for CBM’s and the introduction of the Exodii, which got me brainstorming ever since I saw the announcement - Why don’t I make a Cyborg “mutation” tree, centered around raiding the Exodii and obtaining bionics?

So I decided to post my proof on concept, while I currently work on sifting through what “mutations” can be applicable to a cyborg body, and further flesh out the idea.

Here’s what I’ve thought up of so far:

Concept of Cyborg "mutation" tree - AKA "Shell"

Traits that are removed:

  • All previous negative (and possibly positive) physical ones. I.E. Bad back, Bad knees, Near-Sighted, Lactose Intolerant, Strong Back, Deft, Poison resistant, etc.

Traits that will stay:

  • All previous positive and negative mental ones. I.E. Parkour Expert, Masochist, Martial Arts Training, Bad Mood, Addictive Personality, Cannibal, Topographagnosia, Illiterate, Nomad, etc.

Might have it that you will get the previous positive physical ones from your old body just to prevent tedium, then again possibly not.
Also might just transfer your previous base physical stats like dexterity and strength, intelligence and perception will definitely be transferred.

How to get:

  • Enter a Exodii dimension/base, raid cybernetics and in the finale and find a cybernetic “shell” creator, allows you to create a new body, (fully customizable from the ground up with a new gender or look)
  • Scoop your own brain out (the ghost) and plop it into your new body.

Main pros:

  • Get to create a new character, with fully customizable height, gender, etc. Great for people who want to roleplay. (Your blood type stays the same, however.)
  • Cyborgs don’t have negative mutations.
  • No bionic limiter slots.
  • Immune to diseases by default.
  • Different playstyle when it comes to progression i.e. you find your “mutations”, you don’t craft them and gamble.
  • Very safe and straightforward, you just find new parts through your raids.
  • Comparable “upgrades” to mutations. I.e. Full Night Vision to “Night Vision CBM” or Fleet Footed to “Enhanced Joint Servos” or Parkour Expert to “Neurosoft: Parkour”
  • Allows a player to rely solely on cybernetics.
  • Faster (or more efficient) bionic charge.
  • All bionic power usage is cut by a percentage.
  • You can find neurosoft software that can be read by your shell, they’re essentially books that give you skill levels and proficiencies for free I.E. Neurosoft: Beginner Mechanics, Neurosoft: Master Unarmed Combat, Neurosoft: Intermediate Gunsmithing, Neurosoft: Knapping

Main cons:

  • (Possibly) wipe all beneficial physical traits.
  • Difficult to get upgrades, since you would be starting from square one with your physical traits.
  • Can’t simply rely on chugging mutagens to get stronger
  • Can’t revert to a biological body
  • (Maybe) Can only repair broken limbs via autodocs (due to your mechanical body) nanobots can repair light to moderate wounds but broken limbs need full repair.
  • Cannot mutate at all, your cyber body would reject the mutagenic chemicals.
  • Railroaded to stay a human for the most part, no tails, no animal ears, no compound eyes.
  • (Maybe) Exodii 3D printer, you need to make exodii specific “vitamin” supplements from scavenged robotics and other raw materials to maintain your shell.
  • (Maybe) Exodii robots and enemies will be able to hack your body (dependent on your computers) and give temporary (or permanent) negative bionics (bugs/viruses) like overstimulators or visual impairment, you need to have a special computer or device to be able to debug your faulty software or remove the viruses.
  • Exodii robots/faction will be hostile, since you’re essentially a rogue shell with a bad/stolen serial number.

CBMs given for free:

  • Metabolic interchange.
  • Repair nanobots.
  • Comparable bionic alternative for Tough and Tough Feet trait are given for free.
  • Full bionic battery power are given for free.
  • Sensory dulling.
  • Intravenous needletip.
  • Internal Chronometer.

These pros and cons are just off the top of my head, more can be added suggestions welcome.

In lore explanation on why you still eat and drink is to supply your organic brain with nutrients, oxygen, and such. So your cyber body can still store food/calories for later. Healing is done by nanobots which can be upgraded. Water is needed for your brain and for lubrication or coolant for your shell.

This “mutation” tree is focused on finding new upgrades through raids, and being able to skip sitting down and reading for three weeks in game to boost skills. This allows for a faster paced gameplay if you’re willing to take risks.

Benefits risk-taking players, veteran players and players who want to start characters that have a large amount of physical defects.

Also gives an option to work around the new skill-learning system, so instead of boosts given by books, you immediately get mastery of subjects from neurosoft “books”.

I just made this post to ask the question of when these things will be added, or if they’re still in a brainstorming stage. As I’d like to get an idea on when they’ll be ready so I can start working on this concept, as well as put the idea out there and get some feedback on some of these ideas.


I, too, am wondering about the Exodii.

I mean, come on. Just the word “Exodii” oozes epic and bad ass. Makes me want to say it over and over in front of the bathroom mirror in a movie voice till the wife thinks I’ve finally flipped completely and takes the dogs to safety and my daughter drives over to have an intervention!

But, while I have not delved personally into cybernetics, I have watched playthroughs with them by people much better than I am.

I like the fact you can install as you see fit. I see that continuing as opposed to the Gamma World-ish randomness that is chemical mutation. Regardless of what source CBMs will come from as we progress through experimentals.

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