CVD Machine =/= Ball Mill

So, if anyone is still tracking the my SHTF mod, you may have noticed with several peoples help, I was able to get the ball mill to work in game.
It works in the recipe only as a carried item. Now, I tried using a cvd machine in game but using the terrain editor via the Debug menu, but diamond recipes won’t work with it. So, that tells me a few things and leaves a few questions too:

Q1) Does the terrain editor not properly “cheat” in terrain or furniture to be used as a cvd machine should?
Q2) Does the recipe for diamond items require a “legit found” cvd machine?

Q3) Does the cvd machine even work as it is supposed to; i.e. standing next to an actual terrain cvd machine allows you to craft diamond items?
Q4) Since I can’t find any proper usage or discussion concerning the cvd machine, has anyone actually properly used one to confirm its use as a static object?

And lastly, someone more towards my mod direction:
Q5)If a static terrain feature usable in a recipe is Not actually possible and the cvd is broken in a sense, would it be easier to simple make an insanely heavy “item” and give it a non-bug description unlike the cvd machine “item” and use that for gunpowder crafting?

A1. It does as it should, the pseudo inventory stuff happens at inventory time. You might need to move or wait a turn for it to rebuild your crafting inventory cache though. Also, make sure you spawned in the right part of the CVD machine. There’s a control panel and a body, and I think it requires the body, not the control panel.
A2. No.
A3. Yes.
A4. Yes.
A5. It might be, but see above first.

You’re probably better of creating furniture with the “crafting_pseudo_item” field:

Create an item type (hat never spawns) and use that type as “crafting_pseudo_item” and as required tool for your recipes.

This should work fine, it already works: anvil, still, forge (several types), smoking rack, kiln and probably more.

Thats interesting, I will test the “wait a bit” scenario tomorrow when I’m off work. Gotta love 14 hours straight monday overnight. Anyways, I have moved a few times before, but maybe its several turns or maybe i should tele far away and walk back?

Well see now if I had truly understood the concept of psuedo furniture, I would have used that instead. Cloning a cvd machine obviously wasnt working, so far anyways.