Cut to the bone

How about a new effect that could happen after receiving a cutting/slashing type attack. A severe cut that will continue to bleed unless stitched shut. There should be other ways to close. I don’t think cauterizing would work as the would would be too open. The attack in question would have to be a less then minor would.

If you cauterize a large wound you end up with a safe (non bleeding) wound that never heals…
*Permanent loss of stats (too harsh IMO, would work with an extremely complex stats system though)
*Permanent loss of control (“I can’t use my left hand any more because of nerve damage”)
*Permanent bonus to blunt weapons (Chiga CHOP!)

I like the perm loss. But it wouldn’t really be perm. Just need to associate a cost with fixing it. Most likely with the autodoc or whatever it is in the hospital. Something like requires fives first aid kits (canabalized for supplies for the surgery) and some other items. Maybe salt water (for IV). Who knows.

Could be a use for STEM-CELLS

Solution one:
Fight through a hospital and spoil your minor spoiler

Solution two:
Have regeneration mutation.

Solution three:
(X) Royal Jelly(ies) (because Cure all)
(X) First aids (because meds)
10 bandages or (more) rags (because blood loss/cleaning blood)
X-acto knife (because accuracy and fiddly-ness)
(lots) alchohol (because sterilization of wound and rag, courage and stupidity to try this at home)
Heat source (sterilization of tools and a way to start again)
High science\intelligence a must though not a requirement. (“Brutus cut arm good again!” drinks more whiskey labeled bleach)

Solution four:
200 duct tape
1 misshapen fetus

Any other solutions?

Depends on the injury type. Broken bones, for one, are already semi-permanently crippling and should be able to be addressed by crafting some sort of splint.

This being the future, there might be advanced medical tech to help… perhaps a synthetic skin patch, which you can tape right over a nasty wound; not only will it stop the bleeding, but it will also grow into your body to permanently heal the cut without stitches.

We are talking about a large, deep cut ATM.

...synthetic skin patch, which you can tape right over a nasty wound...

That isn’t how artificial skin works…You need to stitch that pink goop on.

...not only will it stop the bleeding...

Dude…no. There is a reason that A.S is only used on burns patients. They already stopped bleeding.

...but it will also grow into your body to permanently heal the cut...


As for the whole future thing… I agree, just call it “Insta-skin patch (First aid)” and “Insta-skin patch (Surgery)” or something and require CBM tier skills to use the latter to full effect.

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I would like this to result in some quest like goal. So say that you break your leg, get your liver divieded into two parts, or some other medical emergency. There would be the first aid (make a splint, crutches, bandaids, etc). Then there might be second aid, such as cauterization, sewing the wound (I would like to see this added), bone setting, and other more sever medical attencion. Then finally there would be final or third aid. In which case you drag, limp, drive to a hospital. After battleing through the regular hospital zombies, you finally arrive at the ER or at the operating room of the hospital. There, with enough medical, computer and mecanical skills, you can get the old medical robots powered up again (there are cop bots, why not med bots?). This is a good flow because it is not too easy to just walk off a broken leg, and it is not too easy to repair it either. The tiers are useful for maintaining some mobility while still injured, but still having an effect. And since I am no good at balance, I would leave that to the public to decied the power of things.