Curses / terminal builds and font settings

please help me understand how font settings work with curses / terminal builds of cdda; i’m thinking of the fresh experimental builds, namely 0.A 2276 (v. 76279a7) in my case.

base logic tells me it’s config/fonts.json file that i should be editing to change. a bit of experimenting (with windows version) tells me only these three lines actually matter:

"fontwidth" : 12, "fontheight" : 12, "typeface" : "fixedsys",

…as any changes to all the rest of lines just don’t produce any visible changes.

what i don’t understand though is that some of the fonts i’ve tried get displayed while other just make cdda fall back to some default font that i can’t identify (definitely not one of the three shipped with cdda). i’m trying a dozen of different ttf files.

am i missing something there? =(

p.s. some further experimenting shows that:

windows version:
the 3 mentioned font.json options work to some extent, permitting at least to “squarify” any font:

"fontwidth" : 12, "fontheight" : 12, "typeface" : "fixedsys",

linux version:
no cdda font settings apply, only the proper terminal’s setting work. no way to “squarify” a font, have to look for wide fonts that are both square enough and readable (currently only speculum font works more or less for me).