Current state of gun accuracy

I just thought I’d stop in after playing STALKER: MISERY 2.2 for a while to check if the gun accuracy situation was changed. Does anyone know if guns are useful now? I remember there was a mod by Coolthulhu, but it really didn’t help.

As far as I am aware, guns are still pretty garbage. The only exception I’ve found is the A7 laser rifle, which’s pretty accurate even at fairly long ranges.

Really? I found one in my last game a few months ago and was really happy to try it out. I did a burst on a nearby zombie and some shots literally flew to the left and to the right!

Looks like some of the things they’re fixing are pretty minor compared to this, which is totally game-breaking.

Well, It’s worked well for me. Though, that may have something to do with the rifle scope I have on it.

Yes, guns are terrible at anything more than about 7 tiles, especially on automatic fire. 3-round-burst isn’t bad. 7 tiles is still a lot when almost everything in the game has to walk up and grab you. Rifles are the worst guns because they take the longest to aim, and aiming is necessary if you want to hit anything, even at 7 tiles.

If you’re frustrated, I’d recommend setting all your firearm skills to 20 in the cheatmenu as a temporary fix. They still won’t be as good as they were on low-to-intermediate skill levels a couple years ago, but they’ll be functional.

Also, 0 eye encumbrance and 0 arm encumbrance. A couple sweatshirts and a set of shooting goggles will turn god’s gift to marksmanship into a Star Wars stormtrooper.

Guns are a work in progress and probably won’t see a major revision until Kevin finishes the 0.D commits. I’m having a hard time tracking down some of the gun information he wanted due to limited ownership of the firearm in question in English speaking countries.

Perception plays a big role. I suspect if you get yourself some Perception enhancing mutations or bionics, that you’d have an easier time with guns. I can often make shots from as far as 10 tiles with no issue if I aim. Also, Dispersion and Sight Dispersion are god; you want them as low as possible. Rifles are actually some of the best guns in this regard because you can actually equip a Rifle Scope to them, which has 0 Sight Dispersion. Doesn’t get any better than that. Remember that Dispersion itself can only go as low as 45 (the A7 Laser Rifle automatically has this, by the way).

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Can’t you resize your taskbar the same way you can resize a window?

The issue appears to resolved itself, actually.