Cumulative Skills

So I just thought of this and wondered what people would say of it. Hopefully some people have some good ideas.
So let’s say there is a Robotics skill. A higher end skill that would be a later game skill and doesn’t unlock right away. In order to unlock it you need to get mechanics, electronics, and computers to level 5. It would have it’s own level (not being a average of the three). I think it should be maxed at 5 till your average of those three skills get’s to a certain point. But it’s entirely debatable.
Part of my reasoning behind a system like this would be to stretch out the late game a bit.
Not all skills have enough recipes for this to work well. So I don’t think this should be a right away thing.
Cooking 5 could unlock Chemistry.
Meh, those are my basic thoughts on it.

That does address the issue with cooking/chemistry where we don’t want to split it because there aren’t enough low-level chemistry recipes.
It wouldn’t be particularly hard to implement either.

Yeah, “cooking” meth and cooking deluxe scrambled eggs tends to be slightly different after all. An unlockable skill would be nice.

Sounds good to me, and if it’s easy to implement it might actually go in the game!