Creating new Professions?

I somehow enjoy to play the “Cute Schoolgirl” Profession and I always tend to mix them into a Gyaru or Kogal for a bit variety for combat runs. Which means I need always to use the Debug command to cheat some items and since I die pretty much often Its getting anoying to redo all the time.

Is there a easy way to create your own Professions ?
And is there a way to find out which items in game is from which mod ?

the easiest way to make make a new profession uf you dont know how, is to to to the json files and modify one according to your needs,then save it with another name, to at least get familiarized with one.

to know which item is from where, i think the only way is to search for said item in the jsons from the mods you are using

Specifically the section on “a new starting profession!”


Thanks, I was looking for this.