New NPCs - I need your help!

I’ve finished phase one of my plan to add more Free Merchants and their suppliers (hunters, scavengers, fishermen, small-time farmers etc.) to the game, to make it feel more alive and plausible.

I need your help though:

  1. I created a special variant of the garage that’s already in game, but with a merchant and two guards inside. The game, however, doesn’t recognise the new classes, even though I’ve added them to “classes.json”. Why? How can I make it work?

  2. Is adding a new structure to the mapgen folder enough to make it spawn or do I need to add it somewhere else?

Thank you in advance! Also, if you have any suggestions, post them here! I’d be happy to listen what you’d want to see in the game.


Edited the link, it changed since yesterday.

You’re linking to the generic “pull requests” tab, not to your specific PR.

Should link properly now, sorry.

It’s fixed now, turns out I used a wrong id.