Creating New Game -- Stuck at World Creation. (0.C-5712)

Forgive me, as I’m a new player and poster, and this might be handled in another post. Sorry, if it is.

I’m attempting to start a new game and world on the experimental 0.C 5712, but I am unable to finish the creation. I also tried a previous experimental, and same problems. Here’s what I see…

I’m able to switch tabs between Default/Blacklist/Balance and the other side, but am not able to tab to World Gen Options or CONFIRMATION. I looked through the help available in game and didn’t see anything that worked to get me to those other tabs.

I introduced myself in the general forum last night and was encouraged to use an experimental, so again, if I’ve missed the fix to this, please forgive me – but I’ve been unable to start a new game on the experimental… is there something I’m doing wrong here, or is this a bug?

Thanks, I’m definitely 1000% in on this game for the long haul – but I’d like to play the experimentals so I can really see how the project moves forward! Have a great day!

I’d just mis-read the ingame help and was attempting to use the right arrow instead of the > key to tab over between the options.

I was able to get help on the IRC, sorry for the post, but I resolved my issue. :slight_smile: