Am I being stupid?

Okay so this isn’t exactly a technical error, but I seem to be stuck on the world gen screen and I am unable to progress through the process of generating a new world. First I select the mods I want to use, then I press PageUp in order to go to the next tab labled “World Gen Options” and then I set my options and I press PageUp again… but nothing happens. I found myself pushing every button on my keyboard, but no luck. So my main question is how do I navigate the menus? What buttons on my keyboard do what? I feel like an in-game section on the home screen of the game would be something that could help a lot of players. Is there something wrong with my game? Because the PageUp to move between tabs works on every other screen for me except when im in the “World Gen Options” tab. Please help! this looks like a fun game and I really want to try it out! Thank you!

*note: I took a double check at my keyboard and I’m not pressing PageUp but im pressing PageDown. So anytime you see the word “PageUp” in my post replace it with the word “PageDown” sorry!

Try < to go back and > to go forward.