Can't get generate a world with any labs

Having a lot of trouble getting a world to generate with any labs at all right now. I was using a maybe week or two old version, generating worlds with or without various mods always with the same outcome; maybe 1 but mostly zero labs per overmap. I just downloaded the latest exp and generated a world with only the core game in the mod loader and I get the same thing, no labs whatsoever. What is going on?

RNGesus hates you? Seriously I’ve no idea though. :frowning:

Am I the only person having this issue? I’m using 0.C 7323, that’s the latest experimental, no mods, default 4/4 city size and spacing map gen settings. No mods, just DDA core. I’ve also created several worlds, and teleporting from overmap to overmap and revealing entire overmaps, but no labs at all.

If you have mundane/classic zombies enabled in your world config, I’d suggest disabling this, unless you want a classic zombie experience; due to it breaking the enemies inside of labs and dungeons.