Creating Landbridges


Can you translate that for the ASCII impaired? I see the land on the left, water in the center and a bridge on the right. There appears to be an open pit to a chaos realm on the shore of the water…


A Trffid Queen (F) is creating new trees (7), (1) and shrubs (#), and to do so the game os painting fresh dirt (.) over the water, effectively replacing the water.

Because the queen creates land in front of it it can a floating or boating survivor who can, with patience, kite it into the water and create a strip of land. The only other way I know of to make new land out of water in the base game is to use the debug menu.

Pretty clever idea. I got an artifact that summons shadows and produces trees like a triffid queen, and I reckon I can do the same as well.

Even better: it works in thin air (above 0 z-level) too.

Exploits for the win! Turns out those cheating alien fucks can be used for good after all.

I have found triffids to be my preferred neighbours since before DDA. So much easy food. By the way, are triffids limited in number or not?

Off to build my own flying continent.

Who need the old one anyways!