Crash with refugee center; minor advanced inventory issues

Experimental 1894 / 3a2d493
Windows 7

Generated World with static spawn, wandering hordes and static NPCs and then copied a character (by the .sav file) into the new world.

On the big map I see a huge refugee center, but when I go near (Most likely when the first tile of the survivor camp would come into view), the game crashes without further comment.

Also the [M]-button for finer amount selection in the advanced inventory only works if one of the sides is the inventory. Also you can’t put all items around you ([A]) into one specific tile/your inventory by [;]- it says you have to “specify a source”, so that seems to be intent?

Also I found that a large waterskin doesn’t expand in volume when filled with gasoline.

“copied a character”

First mistake, that will break EVERYTHING

Also, waterskins are a fixed volume irl if they’re made from a more sturdy material. This isn’t Canada you know

Yes, after starting the game I had to click multiple errors away…just mentioned the crash in case it hasn’t something to do with it.

The Waterskin expands in volume when filled with water; I thought this is the idea behind it? If it is empty it can be folded and needs hardly space, full it is roughly the volume of the thing in it.

When you talk about leather or fur though, they don’t exactly “expand”, so unless the design was collapsible, it’d take up roughly the same volume. It’s like most people don’t crush water bottles when they have re-usable ones.

362 days real life days later, this bug still exists. Goddamnit.