Advanced inventory crash on experimental fbe811d windows XP SDL version

I can’t consistently reproduce it, but just moving around items on the advanced inventory screen into my inventory from the ground causes the crash. I’ve noticed that stacks of items can trigger it, such as glass shards.

browsing the crafting screen also cause crashing.

i just discovered recently, as a work around with crashes, try disabling the fullscreen

I have te same problem. I’m playing experimental version - windows graphic, 1a11984, I don’t have this problem on 0.A version. My game crashes while opening advanced inventory menu and crafting menu. Please, I’m waiting for solve of this problem.

“try disabling the fullscreen” - not running full screen.

Also I’m using Colleen24 as my tileset, so maybe its something with large tiles.

i think this issue is for xp only, when i use my other netbook (windows starter) the problem doesnt occurs

I’ve been hitting the same problem. I’m on Windows XP as well, and when I enter the Advanced Inventory screen or the Crafting Screen, it’ll sometimes crash. This also seems to happen when I burn houses down. Mind, it doesn’t happen all the time, but it seems to have something do with items (since setting fires or firing off a M202 Flash in the middle of a field doesn’t do anything). Maybe something with items on the ground (since the Crafting screen checks your surroundings for available materials)?

EDIT: Also worth mentioning, it’s happened with every experimental I’ve tried. I started trying the Experimentals about a couple months ago; not sure if that helps, but I figured more information couldn’t hurt.

I’ve experienced the crash described here as well. No consistent way to reproduce. I’m running Windows 8.1.

I caught a crash with ollydbg and it spit out that this crash happened at :00434C87.

It looks like this may also be happening with the regular inventory screen when scrolling through a list of skimmed through books.