Crash with latest version

Hi all got an issue build 1729

Once I create a world and then start to create a character if I scroll down in the profession section I get a crash :frowning: game just freezes up.

Same problem with latest again 1733

ok version 1726 does it as well where as version 1715 works and does not crash when scrolling through professions :frowning:

In the version I’m using (1733) I use a pre-made char template and it works until I encounter any zombie then it just crashes

Yeah lots of crashes with the last 4 or so updates.

Using computer in start shelter if u select emergency option 1 it crashes to.

This was a kind of silly error, it was trying to write the list of profession items outside the window (curses window, not the whole game window) because the list was too long. We missed it because it was only causing a crash on windows (specifically in catacurses).

This fixes it:


Thanks for replying

I just downloaded latest 1739 and it still crashes as I start to scroll though professions :frowning:

How do I use the fix from the link you sent I cant see a way to download the file if thats how its used?

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s odd, I thought we got it :confused:
Can you see if build 1738 works for you?
If not you’re running into a different bug.


Thanks tryed 1740 and seems all is good now :slight_smile: I can scroll the professions and no freeze up.

will start to test this version and report back

thanks to all the people that contribute to this great game thanks :slight_smile: