Crash report 90cfafa

When aiming a crossbow i pressed the < key when aiming at nothing and it crashed the game

Couldn’t replicate on last night’s experimental, I’m afraid. WinCurses, on Win7.

in version 33543bc

when going to throw or fire a weapon cycling target to the left with the less than symbol “<” but NOT the greater than symbol “>” crashes the game - only when target is in range of weapon.

win 7

Things attempted 't’hrowing a throwing knife and 'f’iring a steel crossbow bolt from a generic crossbow and then cycling to the right (no crash, >) and then left (crash, <). With and without a target within range. Only crashes when there is a target within range.

On a retest, yep, confirmed. Has to be a target in range, you’re aiming at an empty space, and cycle <. BAM crash.

PR created.